Suicide Squad (2016) ⭐

Suicide Squad boasts a killer cast stuck in a baffling mess of a movie.


Directed by David Ayer


Oh come on. There’s no way it can be that bad right? Sigh. Even with low expectations, Suicide Squad left me scratching my head, wondering what the hell happened.

Here is what Suicide Squad gets right. Visually, the movie is fantastic. It continues DC’s willingness to create interesting and gritty environments that feels palpable and lived in. The cast is easily the best part of the movie. Margot Robbie kills it as Harley Quinn, and Viola Davis is marvelously menacing as the stone cold Amanda Waller.


But here’s the problem, a majority of the cast has absolutely nothing to do. Instead they feel like side dressing that simply advances the downright idiotic plot of the movie. And the aforementioned performances of the cast? They’re good yes, but only when the script allows them to be. For every great scene we have, its followed up by a constant barrage of cringe worthy lines and unbelievably bad writing. Characters are sloppily introduced and just rushed off to the next bland action sequence.

There is a particular scene with Viola Davis near the end where she is supposedly given this “bad ass” moment, earning the respect of Deadshot (Will Smith) and her peers. It is so far out of left field, and makes no logical sense other than to shove another forced scene in that attempts to add character. The movie is full of these moments, and it falls flat. It falls so astoundingly flat. As a comedy, Suicide Squad does not work. As an action adventure, its set pieces are mediocre at best. Worst still, Suicide Squad has no idea what it wants to be.


What about Jared Leto’s Joker! Was he any good? I’ll put it this way, he was in the movie for what felt like 5 minutes. Like the rest of the cast, he lacks any standout moments. Disappointingly, the movie barely touches on his relationship with Harley Quinn. He pops in to try and save her and disappears. If you have seen the trailers, that is literally all his scenes he has. So if you liked him in the trailers, you’ll like this crazed take on the Joker. Personally its too early to tell, and like the rest of the movie he feels like a missed opportunity.

So what did happen with Suicide Squad? Did the reshoots kill it? Did DC destroy it by ordering an alleged re-edit of the entire film to match the more light hearted trailers? Or maybe it was the rushed production. Heck it was probably a combination of all of these. We may never know, which is a shame because i really wanted this movie to work. I highly doubt David Ayer’s somber version will be released. The closest we have is this first teaser trailer, which still looks incredible. If you really wanted to see Suicide Squad, save your money and just watch that trailer.




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